Director of Programs - Hope Center for Children

Job Title:  Director of Programs

 Qualifications:  Master’s degree in social work or related field with at least five years of experience working in the child welfare arena, including a minimum of three years supervising residential care and supervising within child welfare. Teaching Family Model (TFA) experience preferred; licensure preferred.  

 Principle Responsibilities: The Director of Programs oversees all aspects of quality implementation, compliance and risk management for five HCFC programs through supervision of two program managers.

 Reports to:  Chief Executive Officer

 Scope: This salaried, exempt position has responsibilities which include but are not limited to: ensuring programs are client centered and operate with high quality; ensuring compliance with HCFC policies and procedures, COA, TFA, DSS, Medicaid and all legal, contract or other regulatory standards. Serves in a leadership role internally and externally to move HCFC forward based on best practices, community need, trends and changes related to our field.

 Position Responsibilities:

 1.               PROGRAM OVERSIGHT

·          Provides oversight related to the implementation of all programs, with the exception of Triple P, successfully integrating best practices with needed risk management functions on the program side of the organization.

·          Directly supervises program managers to ensure oversight of staff support, training, recruitment and supervision that complies with all applicable standards.

·          Ensures adequate on-call support and serves as part of the on-call rotation.

·          Oversees a successful training program across the organization through dual work with human resources and program managers.

·          Performs annual planning with the finance arm of the organization to ensure efficient use of resources while advocating for program needs; ensures compliance with established budget.

·          Ensures implementation of all COA and other contract standards for all programs.

·          Keeps a grant reporting calendar and ensures completion of all grant reports as assigned. Works collaboratively with accounting to ensure appropriate budget reports are submitted.

·          Ensures that documentation meets legal, contract and organization standards through the implementation of supervisory oversight and the PQI plan and procedures. This includes client records and other data tracking established by HCFC. 


·        Oversees TFA implementation through work with the Teaching Family Association, TFA systems coordinator and other TFA staff.

·        Serves as or appoints a person to serve as the organization’s TFA liaison and as the TFA site reviewer each year.

·        Establishes ways to ensure compliance with set consultation and evaluation systems to best support family teachers and integrate risk management, organization policies and facilitative administration throughout these two core systems.

·        Remains abreast of COA changes and updates and implements program related changes in policies and practices on an ongoing basis.

 3.                         LEADERSHIP and mission mobilization

·          Represents the organization at community and leadership events and ensures representation (self or others) at the majority of local issue appropriate events and state child welfare events. 

·          Participates in associations and initiatives as appropriate and as time allows.


·          Serves as a member of the organization’s performance and quality improvement team, and uses this data and calendar to inform program meetings and ensure that data driven decision making is taking place organization wide.

·          Oversees the program quality assurance and improvement team, sometimes co-leading quality assurance and improvement meetings to make sure that data is useful and informs program work.

·          Ensures client record compliance.

·          Ensures that programs are regularly collecting data as prescribed in policies, procedures, the PQI plan and outlined in data sheets.

·          Receives and addresses any client concerns per policies.

 Positions Supervised: Community Based Programs Manager, Residential Programs Manager, TFA Systems Coordinator

 Knowledge, Skill and Experience Required:  Must be highly professional and knowledgeable in the child welfare field, particularly residential care; must be well organized and able to work with a variety of people. S/he must be able to think critically and use good judgment in decision making; must be a team player and must have strong communication skills, both verbal and written; must be able to forge mutually respectful relationships while ensuring compliance with policies; must know how to balance accountability with motivating people to get the work done.

Any interested candidates may submit their cover letter and resume to

Hope Center for Children, Spartanburg, SC

Michele Boguslofski