Residential Manager/Consultant: Florida United Methodist Children's Home


This position will oversee certain residential programs, coordinate ancillary services when necessary, consult and ensure of the fidelity of the therapeutic behavioral model within the residential programs and work with staff to assure compliance with contract and government regulations.

Residential Managers are responsible for ensuring teams of Residential Child Care Specialist, Youth Care Specialist and Residential Child Care Assistants deliver exceptional direct care services under the direction of the Director of Campus Life and the therapeutic guidance of the resident’s active treatment plan. Residential Managers are essentially responsible for creating and maintaining an environment which supports a positive, therapeutic culture within the residential milieu.

Residential Managers are responsible for the coordination of scheduling, routine on-the-job training, the coordination of residential/house activities, house maintenance and cleanliness, supporting the work of all direct care staff, creating a positive culture of care, and ensuring resident participation in care.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Human Services or a related field preferred. Six (6) years of experience in the work related field would be would constitute in lieu of a Bachelors Degree.

·   Supervisory experience and program oversight in a residential setting preferred. 


  • Must have a fundamental love for children.

  • Must have empathy for others and practice the Golden Rule in relationships with residents and their families, with fellow staff members and with others.

  • Must possess a strong sense of personal authority, maturity and the integrity for a positive influential role with residents.

  • Crisis Intervention and de-escalation experience.

  • Experience with at-risk children with challenging behaviors.

  • Strong supervision, administration, and team building skills.

  • Must be able to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, to a diverse range of audiences and settings.

·        Ability to work with a wide variety of ethnic, racial, socioeconomic and religious individuals and/or groups.

·        Ability to meet critical deadlines and practice good time management.

·        Ability to set goals and complete projects in a timely manner.

·        Ability to completely understand and maintain strict adherence to confidentiality and safety procedures.

·        Understanding, knowledge & empathy of domestic violence and sexual assault issues, among others.

·        Skilled in conflict resolution and mediation.


  • Responsible for the collaborative design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the program in line with the mission of the Florida United Methodist Children's Home.

  • Ensure the provision of culturally sensitive and compassionate services.

  • Ensures that residents are present an on time for all clinical activities. Any absence from a clinical activity must be preapproved by the Therapist responsible for the resident’s active treatment plan.

  • Actively participate in clinical/multidisciplinary staffings and communicate fully regarding the delivery of treatment services to the residents, each resident’s progress and condition while in the house, staff adherence to the resident’s active treatment plan and FUMCH clinical standards.

  • Provide direction and supervision to the residential staff under their purview and perform the duties necessary to ensure a structured, cohesive team including hiring, budgeting, discipline, recruiting, and scheduling of staff.

  • Work with the direct care staff to access training needs and assure its implementation.

  • Serve as on-call in assigned programs. Also assist with on call when other Residential Managers are not available.

  • Responsible for the oversight, program implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the various residential programs.

  • Work cooperatively with the Director of Campus Life in creating successful programs.

  • Maintains professional growth by attending seminars and workshops.

  • Obtain certification in any approved crisis intervention and model of care programs for the organization.

  • Serve as a consultant for the Teaching Family Model of care in the residential cottages.

  • Assist children with the day-to-day non-academic activities necessary to facilitate adjustment into campus life.

  • Support direct care staff in implementing interventions when needed.

  • Provide debriefing coaching for staff after crisis situations.

  • Interpret and enforce all policy and procedures.

  • Lead in the absence of the Director of Campus Life.

  • Responsible for any other duties that are assigned by the Director of Campus Life


Provide supervision to direct care staff in the residential programs.  

We are a faith-based organization, Empowering Children and Families to experience the transforming love of Christ through (w)holistic care.

 If you are interested in the above position, please submit a resume via email to, or fax it to (386) 668-3363, Attn: Human Resources

Michele Boguslofski