Methodist Family Health Hiring Alternate Family Teachers

Teach youth a curriculum of skills in social, self‑help, independent living, maintenance, and academic areas and provides moral, spiritual, and physical training and guidance to the youth assigned to their home.

Assist with the provision of academic assistance to youth and work closely with the public-school system.

Provide coverage and program continuity of the youth home during the Teaching‑Parents' time off duty as specified in the youth home staff scheduling procedures.

Assist with the development of a normalized home environment that encourages the building of close family relationships among the youth and provides a naturalized family living experience.

Assist with the provision of counseling, concern, direction, assistance, and support that would normally be received from a parent.

Assist with the implementation of an individualized plan of care for each youth.

Work closely with the youth's parents, teachers, social workers, and significant others to ensure the definition and implementation of a proper and effective program of youth care to assist each youth in achieving to his/her maximum potential.

Work closely with the Teaching‑Parents and the program supervisor to ensure efficient home coverage and mutually satisfying working relationships.

Under the direction and supervision of the Teaching-Parents, expend money for youth home operation. Maintain a fiscal record as directed and in accordance with sound business practice.

Remain informed about local, state, and federal standards and regulations pertaining to the provision of services to children and their families.

If the Alternate Teaching‑Parent holds an appropriate four-year degree and has had the training, he/she may assist the Teaching‑Parents in providing the following functions under the "Social Services" section of Standards for Child Caring Institutions:  admission of children to the home; residential services for children and their families; discharge of children from the home and maintenance of case records.

Establish and maintain contact with program referral sources by making personal visits and other contact to agencies and others within a service area.

Assist in the interpretation of the Home's philosophy and programs to individuals and groups, agencies, and the "community at large" within a service area.

Shall be trained regarding trauma informed care and crisis management. 

Assist with preparation for home licensure.

Take advantage of in-service training and professional growth opportunities.

Work closely with the assigned Teaching‑Parent and their supervisor/consultant to develop and implement all areas of care to the youth in the home. Seek consultation and provide detailed information regarding all significant issues affecting youth in care.

Cooperate in scheduling consultation/supervision visits to the home. Seek out, respond positively to, and implement suggestions and feedback from supervisors.

Provide and maintain requested information and program records.

Teach and assist youth in maintenance activities occurring in and around the youth home, including activities such as yard care, interior cleaning, vehicle cleaning and maintenance

Perform related duties as requested by the Teaching‑Parents or Program Consultant.


The Alternate Teaching-Parent position is scheduled on a 40-hour week average.  In the event the Teaching-Parent couple is absent from the home, the Alternate Teaching-Parent will assume all responsibilities related to the operation of the group home.  Alternate Teaching-Parents are not paid for sleep time.

When working shifts of twenty-four (24) hours (or more), a bona fide regularly scheduled sleeping period of eight (8) hours shall be deducted from the total hours worked and from that shift’s wages provided that adequate private sleeping quarters are furnished and at least five (5) hours of uninterrupted sleep time occurred.


A Bachelor's Degree from an accredited university in human services or education field preferred, but high school diploma or equivalent required.

Experience working with children or other population with special needs preferred.

The ability to take advantage of extensive training and to apply that training to the implementation of a comprehensive program of care for children.

Possess or able to obtain a valid Arkansas Driver's License and is insurable to drive company vehicles.

Physically capable of restraining youth if said youth are a danger to themselves or others.

Physically capable of performing various maintenance tasks.

Additional Mandatory Requirements  

Must have good auditory, visual and olfactory ability.  Must be able to maintain effective audio, visual discrimination and perception needed for making observations, communicating with others, and reading and writing, and operating office equipment and other treatment equipment.  

Requires the ability to sit and stand for long periods of time and intermittently walk, stand, stoop, kneel, crouch and reach with hands and arms.  

Use hands and fingers to handle or feel objects, tools or controls.  

Must be able to use a telephone to communicate verbally and a computer to communicate through written means, to review information and enter/retrieve data, to see and read characters on a computer screen, chart or other treatment items.  

Requires the strength and stamina to perform clinical duties.  

Flu shot is mandatory and required for all positions (subject only to qualified exemptions).

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