Teaching-Family Association Welcomes New Executive Director


July 13, 2018—The Teaching-Family Association is proud to announce and welcome Michele Boguslofski as our Executive Director. Michele has served the past four and a half years as Director at Alpine Academy at the Utah Youth Village in Salt Lake City, Utah. Under her direction, Alpine has reached new heights in quality of care, tenure of staff, professionalism, and services offered to and support of students and the team.

Michele began her career as a Teaching Parent over 30 years ago in Vermont and has spent the majority of her career at various TFM sites as a practitioner as well as administrator. Michele has experience as a Chief Operations Officer and an Executive Director at other non-profit businesses and has worked collaboratively with state-level officials, partnered with international organizations, and is a sought-after trainer, presenter and consultant. She has served on TFA’s Board of Directors, Accreditation and Ethics Committee, and is a Trainer of Primary Reviewers for the Association.

Few people working within the Model have such vast experience and expertise and are therefore qualified in the way that Michele is to take on this vital role and lead TFA in the way that she can.

Michele will be responsible for the continued oversight and management of the Association including the Board of Directors, Accreditation and Ethics Committee, and members. Additionally, Michele’s role as a full-time Executive Director will include an emphasis on marketing and expanding TFA and a focus on facilitating and supporting sites with respect to dissemination and development. One of her colleague’s reports, “Michele has the wonderful and unique gift of making everyone she comes in contact with feel special and important”, and her energy and passion, paired with her knowledge and experience, make her an ideal fit for this role.

Michele will move into her role as Executive Director effective Monday, August 6, 2018, working closely with Peggy McElgunn (TFA’s current ED) for several months to ensure a smooth and seamless transition for the Association and its members. Michele and her husband Jeff are moving to South Carolina in August and this will become the new headquarters for the Teaching-Family Association when Michele assumes fully responsibility later this year. We will formally welcome Michele and honor Peggy for her many accomplishments and years of service at our 41st Annual Conference, November 4-7, 2018, in Omaha, Nebraska.

About the Teaching-Family Association

The Teaching-Family Model’s early research began in the late 1960’s and the Teaching-Family Association (TFA) was founded in 1975 to ensure the quality of care provided by professionals who actively pursue the goals of humane, effective, trauma-informed, individualized treatment for children, families, dependent adults, and others using the common framework of the Teaching-Family Model for treatment and support. Programs and services are delivered in schools, day treatment settings, the private homes of families receiving services, treatment foster care homes, small group care homes, campus and community based treatment programs, psychiatric hospitals and communities, and can be implemented with any population.

What is learned in one agency is shared with other agencies within the Association and incorporated into the standards of quality assurance processes within the Association. TFA’s goals are to accredit members, recognize programs, standardize effective training, supervision, and evaluation procedures, support program replication, and provide yearly conferences for sharing new material and program development. The Teaching-Family Association is the only entity in North America that defines and implements standards and review procedures related to the actual performance and quality of treatment and service delivery systems at all organizational levels.

NREPP, APA, and CEBC recognize the Teaching-Family Model as evidence-based. TFA is an international organization with programs in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Albania, and Australia.


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