Teaching-Family Association offers several membership categories.


facilitative administration is a game-changer for your business! It is one of the best investments you can make in your organization, staff, and persons served.

Agencies may join and receive the highest level of benefits. There are four levels of agency membership — all with benefits geared specifically for that level of participation and support. Accredited membership, the highest level of agency membership, must be awarded through successful in the TFA accreditation process including a triennial application and onsite review. Individuals may join and receive individual member benefits.

Membership offers tremendous benefits. Learn how membership can improve quality for your agency through stronger outcomes, cost effective treatment, and administrative support for your professionals. Through newsletters, information, networking, advocacy, and support, all individual members are able to advance their careers through skill building, knowledge and support. Agencies are able to better support the work they do and their employees. The Association and the Model provides systems for advancement, recognition, support and success!

Don’t just take our word for it…



Networking Opportunities with other administrators and practitioners so that what is learned can be shared with others and incorporated into the standards and quality assurance processes within the Association and throughout the field.

Professional Support through participation with colleagues and peers both in the Association activities and on model-related programs.

Access to Successful Treatment Modalities through understanding, implementing and adapting the Teaching-Family Model.

Recognition as Effective through support of a model that works! Teaching-Family Association agency members enjoy recognition for providing quality treatment in an effective and safe manner.

Mentoring personal and professional skill development related to leadership, facilitation, developing training, and reviewer training.

Protection of Treatment Integrity through affiliation with sponsor, certified and developing agency members through use of an association with the trademark collective logo.

Ethical Standards to maintain professionalism.

Forums for Member Input in the decision-making processes of the Association.

Annual Conference each Fall with workshops to help our members improve and update their skills while learning the latest in current technologies.

Newsletter containing the Association and Member Agency news, ideas, job opportunities, and pertinent information from the human service arena.

Social Media that provides relevant inspiration, resources, and connection with other providers. 

Quality Assurances for training, consultation, evaluation, and administrative services.

Regional Training Sessions taught by Teaching-Family professionals thereby bringing continuing educational opportunities directly to our agencies.

Website and online information and updates.

Job Opportunities and Advancement through access to Teaching-Family Agencies seeking qualified professionals as posted on the website and through publications.

Research and Resources available only to members including our complete bibliography, up-to-date articles supporting the Teaching-Family Model and practices of professionals.

Mid-Year Event with live decision and policy-making forums and work sessions; enjoy the smaller group dynamic of TFA members and leaders doing the work of the Association and be a part of making – and changing – history.


For Agency Application Inquiries, contact:

US – Michele Boguslofski

Canada – Karen Olivier

International – Marion Heeney