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American Psychological Association Recognizes the Teaching-Family Model as evidence-based

The American Psychological Association, the leading organization representing psychology professionals, recently identified the Teaching-Family Model as an evidenced-based practice.  On the APA “Psychology Matters” website, the APA noted the Teaching-Family Model “is on e of the few evidence-based residential treatment programs for troubled children”.

It was noted that the Model’s success is based on the view that children’s behavior problems stem from their lack of interpersonal relationships and skills.  It is through using empirically validated methods that the Model is able to teach clients how to build these relationships and gain important skills for social success.

The APA determination is not the first national recognition accorded to the Teaching-Family Model.  With over 30 years of studies and results, the Teaching-Family Model is one of the strongest and most studied evidence-based programs available for treatment.  The Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention and the Surgeon General’s Office have both recognized the Model as a strong, evidenced-based solution for treatment programming, as well.

The Teaching-Family Model is available in not only residential treatment programs but has also been used successfully in treatment foster care, home-based treatment, psychiatric institutions and schools.  The Teaching-Family Association offers accreditation to agencies in using the Teaching-Family Model.  This accreditation validates quality of the program in its use of the Model and integrity of the Model, its delivery systems and elements.  Accreditation also ensures quality replication enabling the Model to be implemented on a large scale across many different treatment environments with many different client populations.

The Teaching-Family Association is the only entity in North America that defines and implements standards and review procedures related to the actual performance an quality of treatment and service delivery systems at all organizational levels.  Accredited Sponsor Agency is the highest recognition through accreditation and entitles agencies carrying this designation to support other agencies interested in developing using the Teaching-Family Model.  Accredited Agency designation, as with the Accredited Sponsor recognition, indicates all delivery systems and elements are being met effectively. Accredited Agencies cannot sponsor other agencies, however.

The Teaching-Family Model standards and development information is available through the Teaching-Family Association.  Agencies interested in pursuing the Teaching-Family Model can also contact an Accredited Sponsor Agency for assistance and information.  The Teaching-Family Model is implemented through a mentoring process and any agency interested in using this valuable treatment modality must affiliate with an Accredited Sponsor Agency for support and guidance.

Michele BoguslofskiAPA, Reserach