Reviewer Information

All individuals serving as full-time professionals in accredited agencies are invited to participate in the peer-review process.  In order to qualify as a reviewer, the following minimum qualifications must be met:

  • provide service in an accredited agency

  • attend individual and/or group training activities conducted by the Accreditation & Ethics Committee (reviewer training is offered at the TFA Annual Conference and twice annually on-line)

  • fill out the interest form below:


All agencies are encouraged to support professionals interested in becoming a reviewer.  Participating in onsite reviews is a great way to deepen an individual’s knowledge and expertise in implementation of the Teaching-Family Model.  As an onsite reviewer, individuals have an opportunity to better conceptualize the goals, systems and elements of the Model thereby providing them with an opportunity to expand their own applications. 

Participation as a reviewer is also a great to stimulate ideas and share tips, tools and techniques.  Visiting other agencies is a great way to see things from a fresh and new perspective.

Understand the steps to becoming a reviewer — a visual

You can also view the job descriptions for primary, secondary and trainee reviewers.  You can learn how to become a trainer of primary reviewers, as well.


In order to be qualified as a reviewer, you must be a member of the Teaching-Family Association.  For more information, please call the office at 804.632.0155.